Check it out, The State's own Emma Ready performing with SIN Cru's Fly No Filter at Jam and Juice Hip Hop Theatre Night in Newcastle.

Jam and Juice brings together local, national and international acts to perform at Newcastle's Dance City as part of the Just Jam International event. Fly No Filter appeared alongside groups from as close as South Shields and as far as New York City.

Emma Ready performed in Fly No Filter's new piece - My Mother Told Me There Are Many Kinds Of Love, part of the Glorious tour. Inspired by Dexter Fletcher's film Wild Bill, and the cast's own experiences, this is a delicate and ugly expose on the controversial experiences of motherhood and adolescence, My mother told me there are many kind of love is a lesson in paper aeroplane folding, it is about learning to fly, and soaring. It is about love.

All photos by Scott Akoz @scottakoz