Introducing the judging panel for the breaking battles on Saturday 6th May at Edinburgh Festival Theatre Studio....




As a Korea representating Bboy with a career spanning 20 years, from the mid-90s to 2000s when Bboying was in its early stages, legendary Bboy Ducky is the first b-boy to make the existence of Korean b-boys known to the world.

Many people began to notice Bboy Ducky due to his dynamic power moves, but he began to adapt his style over time, and nowadays has become well known as the master of toprocking and foundational style. 

Ducky’s founding crew, Drifterz became famous worldwide for their strong foundation, b-boy attitude, and characteristic style. To a Bboy culture that is gradually losing its diversity through media and competitions, Drifterz Crew continue to show and display their foundational skills from their individual characters.

The Drifterz Crew signed an exclusive contract with the ‘Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture’ in 2015 as a b-boy crew, helping Korean society through education and performance to make Seoul a better place.



James is a dancer from Derby who started in 99. He grew up as part of Trinity Warriors Breaking Crew and travelled and built with them for many years. He now lives in Leeds and through his crew BTLXCTZ and his affiliated crews and companies he teaches and performs, trying to improve himself and his understanding of the culture, passing on and sharing knowledge where he can.



One of Canada’s most prominent B-girls, aka B-girl Cleopatra, Emmanuelle has participated in numerous breaking competitions throughout North America and Europe representing her all female group Legendary Crew. She has a BFA in Contemporary dance and has performed with the Beatles show from Cirque du Soleil, ID from Cirque Eloize, and with companies such as Rubberbandance, Bboyizm and Solid State Breakdance Collective. In 2012 she founded her own company,Tentacle Tribe, with B-boy Wandering Spirit and has toured internationally with their creations: Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid and Fractals of You.