Coast to Coast went OFF on Saturday. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came down to Leith Theatre trust on Saturday. We couldn't have done it without you all.

Special thank you goes out to all our performers - Bravados Guacamole, Tpop and Nadia and Fraser. And of course all the guys who came and threw down.

Epic photos taken by Debsmooth can be found on Facebook, please have a look and tag yourselves.

Shelltoe Mel and Sparkles held it down with their hosting skills during all the performances, the presentation of the bananas of dopeness and of course theall vs all, east coast vs west coast, AllStyles battle. Footage of the battle can be found on Shelltoe Mel's youtube account

Pick n Mix - The State's Youth Crew were there to show off their skills, and to celebrate Bboy Flickstar's birthday. 

Events like Coast to Coast wouldn't happen without the support of you all, but special thanks to the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Leith Theatre Trust, Pieute, Jules and her sound system, Debsmooth and her camera and graphics skillz, DJ Ritchie Ruftone, Sparkles, Shelltoe Mel and Sheila TLF.