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EDINBURGH was a whirl of arms, legs and head-spins yesterday as the finest female breakdancers in the UK battled it out to take the title of the nation’s top B-Girl
— http://bit.ly/2n5aUba
Glasgow hip hop crew The Flying Jalapeños got the pulse racing
— http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/culture/scot-lands-reviews-let-s-dance-land-new-scots-land-orcadia-land-1-4330317
This is a Wall of Success story to make you smile. The sheer vitality of the young talent displayed on The State Leith is cheering enough, especially in the grey days of early January. It starts with having fun. But the aims of this adventurous young community interest company go much further.
— http://www.leithopenspace.co.uk/community-art-dance-theatre-and-music/the-state-leith-high-kicks-on-the-wall-of-success/

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